Tuesday, December 20, 2011

50 Years Young

Tony turned 50 this year so I wanted to make it special for him.  I talked to one of the women that he works with and she helped me out.  I took all the stuff to her at lunch the day before his birthday and she and another co-worker did all the decorating.  Here is a small sampling of what was done at the office for him.
 I did everything in black and white.  I made post-a-note pads with covers on them for all the people on his team, and had candy kisses with a sign that said  "Kiss Youth Good-bye".  I also made him  a candy bar bouquet.  There were lots of  "old"  signs around, a birthday banner, and balloons.
 The other women did the area outside of his cubicle.  They decorated with all the things they knew he loved.  Gardening (with potatoes of course) and golf.  They put up lots of festive birthday things.  These pictures don't come close to showing all that they did.
They also added some things about Idaho.  I love the Shelley sign.
Since I was going to leave the next day (for a month) to go to Idaho to be with Mom for her back surgery, I wanted to make the even special as well.  I was pretty excited to find black and white flowers at the store.  We grilled stake and had beets and salad for dinner.  I have the most amazing husband and am so grateful for him.  He make my life complete.  Happy 50th Tony!

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